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Optex continues to set itself apart from the competition by introducing products and services to save installation time and labor cost, while allowing integrators and security consultants the ability to offer their customers the best possible solution to their security needs. We take great pride in both our products and services, and work closely with our customers to insure our relationships continue to grow. Our dedicated sales/engineering staff is available to do classroom and web based training, job walks and on-the-job installation consulting, in most cases at no charge. Since it’s founding, Optex has established a worldwide reputation for quality, innovation, and technical excellence. Our products always represent an investment in performance and long-term satisfaction.

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Optex India Official Webpage

Optex BX-80NR
Battery operated outdoor PIR detector for building perimeter.

With long, narrow detection areas that extend from both its sides, the battery-powered BX-80NR is specifically designed to be wirelessly wall-mounted centrally on a building. This unique detection pattern covers the building perimeter with a multi-layered, horizontal barrier that detects intruders before they break in. Included on the unit is a backbox that accepts most manufacturers wireless systems, making the BX-80NR a versatile, stable outdoor PIR requiring no running wire. To help reduce false activations, the range can be adjusted so that detection extends only to the end of the building. The unit also has a size-judging function, which helps it discriminate between large and small objects within the detection area.

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Battery operated compact outdoor detector

The ‘fit’ FTN-R offers the perfect solution for those outdoor areas where false alarms caused by environmental disturbances and small animals are an issue. The wireless-ready, battery powered version allow installers to save valuable installation time and labor costs because no trenching, installing conduit or pulling wire is required. The FTN-R includes a wireless-ready backbox to hold a third party’s battery and wireless transmitter, and it comes with a built in bracket that enables horizontal rotation of 190 degrees. It’s compact size and flexible detection area allow the sensor to ‘fit’ into a variety of both residential and commercial applications.

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Optex Dual Technology Outdoor Sensors. Quickly and easily protect premimeter




Wireless Sensor

With help of Visonic or DSC magnetic contact transmitter module, the sensors becomes completely wireless. The temper and low battery signals from these sensors are also transmitted to the control panel.
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Weather Proof

Weather proof design with IP54 protection. Can be installed outside with absolutely no false alarms even in extreme weather conditions.
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With inbuilt pet-immunity its absolutely safe to install it outside with no false alarms due to animals up to a certain weight limit.
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Customised Security Solutions for Your Home & Office Premise’s with Products to Safeguard at all time.

Optex wireless products can be seamlessly be integrated with Visonic range of products. The combination of the two makes it next to impossible for the burglars to get into your premises.


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